Grinding & Sanding

We offer grinding and sanding services to ensure that your final product has outstanding surface quality free of burrs, jagged edges, and imperfections.

Depending on your needs and specifications, we will ensure that your part’s surface meets or exceeds expectations. We have a variety of equipment including tumblers, stroke sanders, and production sanders to achieve the desired surface quality.

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  • Full grinding and sanding service
  • Able to remove any burrs, rough edges, and surface flaws
  • Can achieve a variety of surface finishes according to your needs
  • ISO 9002 Compliant

Our Machinery

  • STEELMASTER 3 Head Production Sander 52" Wide
  • (2) PROGRESS MACHINE Stroke Sanders
  • (2) Production Belt Sanders
  • RAMPE Three Barrel Tumbler
  • TIPTON 22 cu. ft. Large Vibratory Tumbler


  • Met-L-Fab, inc.
  • 53 Wentworth Ave
  • Londonderry, NH 03053

Contact Us

  • P: 603-432-8400
  • F: 603-432-9111
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ISO 9002 Compliant.

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